Bringing Ideas to Life

OtherWordly is a single-player mobile puzzle game that combines word matching and missing letters with topics that range Picasso to penguins, and from breakfast foods to bullying. Designed to entertain players of all ages and backgrounds, this innovative and accessible game brings the problem-solving joy of crosswords to a new generation, with a unique gameplay mechanic and a broad scope of topics reflecting myriad cultures. OtherWordly has received numerous accolades, including Serious Play, CODiE, and TIGA awards. It has been praised for its gameplay and entertainment, as well as its ability to boost players’ confidence and attitudes towards using language, enhance problem-solving skills, increase cultural competence, and reduce xenophobia.

In Other Words is an AI-enhanced language brainstorming app that helps users find new and interesting words and ideas. The app offers an intuitive visualization of word relationships and provides tools to help users build their vocabularies and improve their language skills. With a huge lexicographic database that synthesizes handcrafting, crowdsourcing, and AI models, In Other Words helps people all over the world expand their knowledge and express themselves in new and exciting ways.

SpicyNodes was a collaborative information mapping tool that enabled users to create, share, and explore interactive visual maps of information. It received recognition for its innovative approach to information visualization and its ability to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing, generating 40 million unique web sessions and 315,000 creator accounts.

My dedication to creating innovative and impactful digital products shines through these projects. From educational games and language tools to information visualization, I'm committed to crafting experiences that entertain and enrich, making a difference in the world through technology.

Past projects include: