Inspiring Connections

Hi there! I'm Michael Douma, a game maker and technology enthusiast with a passion for using innovation to improve literacy and bring people together. As the founder of the non-profit organization and game studio IDEA, I lead a talented team of developers, designers, artists, writers, and subject matter experts in creating digital products that bridge the technical and non-technical worlds. My goal is to help everyone better understand and navigate their worlds, and find new and meaningful connections with information and each other.

One of my proudest achievements is “OtherWordly,” a space-themed, single-player mobile puzzle game that has received recognition for its unique combination of word matching, missing letters, and cultural diversity. I strive to deliver not just fun and entertaining experiences, but also ones that have a positive impact on society.

I have a track record of delivering engaging and impactful digital products, and I attribute much of my success to my collaborative management style. I value building long-term relationships with my team and other key collaborators, and I take pride in mentoring the next generation of professionals in the industry.

As a judge for the Gee Awards, CODiE, Serious Play, and Reimagine Education, I highlight projects that merge thoughtful design with inclusivity and innovation, thereby fostering memorable educational experiences.

Aside from my work in the tech and gaming industries, I also have a creative and imaginative side that I bring to life through personal projects and hobbies. From inventing new recipes in the kitchen to building a basement hideout for my kids, I'm always seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn, play, and discover.

Central to my work is the aspiration to enhance literacy and cultivate connections among people, disciplines, and ideas. By delivering inventive, accessible, and engaging experiences, we can dismantle barriers, lessen implicit biases, and create a more inclusive, empathetic world.

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